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Psychological Sacred Place

 tEdGuY49® (From Detroit’s Sacred Places Flickr Group)

To me, this image has more to do with the psychological aspect of what is considered a sacred place. I think the photograph is very interesting and shows a sort of cultural geography. It shows the history of humankind – in relationship to its place and culture.

I also like that the fact this photograph shows both physical and psychological evidence of the human struggle, the successes and failures and in some way shows the beauty that lies beneath the image. The beauty in this photograph appears to be not simply about the surface reality of the situation, but more to do with an inner narrative, when you look more closely, it is as beautiful as it is simply spooky or unsettling.

I really enjoy the style of photography, straight/ face-on/ documentary style to approach the subject. The detail of the image is excellent, peeling paint, broken windows, rusted metals, and winter color earth. The separation between background and subject is very effective. I like that fact that the image was taken with an overcast or foggy sky. This sets not only the mood of the photograph, but also sets the focus and gives the viewer a chance to examine the subject, in this case the house. This style reminds me of series of water tower photographs made by Bernd & Hilla Becher.

I appreciate this kind of sensitivity. Thank you very much for posting this beautiful image!


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